Bowties Are Cool

My Lady Fair bought me a ukulele.

Mahalo green ukulele

The Green Machine

It is a gorgeous hunter green and sounds surprisingly nice. Tuning was a pain until I wised up and went online, found a video of proper tuning (who knew the G wasn’t the low string?) and got ‘er done. And done and done again – new ukes go out of tune in a matter of minutes until the strings finally get stretched into proper place. I retuned that bad boy about five times in two hours right after I got the new instrument unwrapped. After getting tuned properly, I learned my first four chords in nothing flat, practiced well past my bedtime, have now brought my new uke to my day job and plan on practicing some more at lunch.

So why do I now possess a ukulele? Because ukuleles are cool.

Crickets. SIGH.

Ukuleles ARE cool. They’re small, light, easy to carry, easier to play than a guitar by far, and the music they produce is just delightful. Yes, for a long, long time ukuleles were considered a joke, a bad Hawaiian stereotype for lazy gag writers; and yes, most music written for ukuleles is blatantly Hawaiian and sounds like the background music for a travel ad to thePacific Rim. A little research and a little time spent on the intertubes – instant attitude change: there are some people creating some wonderful music with ukuleles. Some of it is delightfully tongue in check, some is hauntingly melancholy and sweet – all of it is awesome to behold.

And if none of the above were true, I’d think ukuleles are cool for this song alone, and I honestly can’t wait to be able to play this for my Lady Fair.


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