Rock Theory at Pokes

Rock Theory at Pokes

You haven't lived until you've seen a 300 lb biker in a top hat and kilt sing Steve Miller. I'm just saying.

I have to brag about my little brother, Kelly, and his band Rock Theory: they be AWESOME.

They shouldn’t work – Tony, the guitarist, is a classic rock instrumentalist known for covering two guitar parts by himself; Big Al, the bassist, is a heavy metal aficionado who rocks a five-string bass like nobody’s business; and Rock (or as he’s more affectionately known, the Reverend Rock Kitchens), the lead singer, has this big, booming voice that is equal parts blue-eyed soul and old-school country honky-tonk. With three different styles of playing and performing, every show should be a train wreck; and yet week after week Rock Theory is consistently one of the most entertaining and professional bands around Dallas.

I’ll be the first to admit (and I have – on stage, in front of a large audience), that for a long time I thought Kelly’s crew was better than mine – they are incredibly tight, with smooth intros and spot-on outs; and I’ll be the first to admit I’ve got a bit of a man-crush on Rock – he’s everything I’m not: deep, resonate, whiskey-gravel voice and an easiness on stage that only comes from thirty years worth of experience. I learn something about fronting a band every time I go to one of their shows. It took over a year and a change of bass players, but my band did eventually catch up to Rock Theory in the quality department – now I can watch Kelly perform without the green-eyed monster getting in the way of my enjoyment. And I enjoy myself each and every time.

Al Mead and Keith Craker singing Highway to Hell

A lot of beef at Pokes on a Saturday night. And Rock says I'm "top hat-worthy," so no worries.

Rock Theory had a big St. Paddy’s Day show at a new bar and grill up in Addison called Pokes. Tony banged up the middle finger of his chording hand, so the call went out to friends of the band to grab their guitars and head to the show over the weekend – my two guys Paul and Gary showed up with instruments in hand; Al’s brother Kevin and Rock’s friend Mike answered the call; and I chimed in, filling in on some harmonies and co-leads, and it was here we go, ya’ll. It was amazeballs.

I need to go see Kelly, Rock, Tony and Al more often – gonna try and make that happen this Spring and Summer.


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