Takin’ Care of Business

I’ve got eight paragraphs about performing at the Rally in the Crater – the back-to-back nights in the fall, and the afternoon performance the day after Bobby’s funeral back in the Spring – sitting on my desktop, waiting for me to get to the really good stuff about those dates. It’s all about performing even when your heart is somewhere else, about Takin’ Care of Business when the chips are down and the world seems to be conspiring against you. And it’s good stuff – I like what I’ve written, especially since it’s about being a Rock Star, which is what this blog is supposed to be about.

But I haven’t finished that post because two more friends have lost loved ones. An old friend lost her dad. An even older friend lost her husband. I spent the weekend outside of Houston so I could attend the one memorial service, which ate up all the time I could have taken off to go to outside of Paris to attend the other. I’m missing funerals because I’m busy going to funerals… this, after missing a funeral because I was at the ICU earlier in the year.

Being a Rock Star is important to me… but being a good friend is more important. And being a good friend has taken up all my time lately.

Got my first show of the new year January 3rd. Here’s hoping I can get from now until then without expressing my heartfelt condolences one more time.


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